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MIBURO BACKDOOR International BJJ Members
MIBURO BACKDOOR Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

MIBURO BACKDOOR is a Brazilian jiujitsu gym in Kyoto. ​


Our Gym aims to enable all sorts of people to experience growth in a unique space: those who are new to jiujitsu, those who already love jiujitsu, those who wish to return to jiujitsu, those who wish to be strong, those who wish to lead a healthy life. ​


The chief instructor at MIBURO BACKDOOR is jiujitsu blackbelt, Shuhei Sakaguchi. 

The Gym’s Special Features 
MIBURO BACKDOOR, the sister-gym to the MMA gym MIBURO (Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto), was founded in 2023. It specializes in Brazilian jiujitsu. 
This is Kyoto’s first permanent gym where you can train all day every day at jiujitsu. 
※ Opening times depend on the day of the week 
※ The Gym is closed on the 6th, 16th and 26th of each month 

The classes are led by Brazilian jiujitsu blackbelt instructors, who will cover basics to application. Classes will be helpful and fun.  

You are welcome to come and watch. You can have one trial lesson for free.  Please contact the Gym. 
🟧Class Schedule
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🟧Fees System  The Table of Fees  


Members can use the Gym as many times a month as they wish.  

They can participate in classes, and make use of the open-mat times. 

Application Fees 

0 yen 


Monthly Subscription 

  • Men 11,000 yen

  • Women 8,800 yen


Student Discount 

  • University and college students: 2,200 yen discount on monthly subscription

  • Middle school and high school students: 3,300 yen discount on monthly subscription


◼️MIBURO PLUS Members (For members of MIBURO HQ and branch gyms)

  • This membership applies only to those who are paid-up members of MIBURO HQ or branch gyms 

  • Members of MIBURO HQ and MIBURO branch gyms have unrestricted access to MIBURO BACKDOOR for 4,400 yen per month.

  • Middle and high school students and university and college students who are members of MIBURO HQ or MIBURO branch gyms have unrestricted access to MIBURO BACKDOOR for 3,300 yen per month

  • Members of MIBURO HQ and members of MIBURO branch gyms may also access MIBURO BACKDOOR for 1,100 yen per day.


Payment of Membership Fees

We plan to introduce payment of fees by direct debit

Please pay the month’s membership fees by the 26th day of the preceding month 



🟧Private Lessons in Jiujitsu 

※Fees are payable at the start of each lesson


We offer private lessons suited to your needs. We can help you strengthen your style, overcome weaknesses, assimilate new techniques, and prepare for competitions.  Private lessons are also available to non-members. We offer private lessons outside class time, so be sure to book in advance. We accept reservations on the Gym website, and on SNS Direct Message.   





30 minutes 3,300 yen ( 

60 minutes 5,500 yen ( 

Thereafter, 2,750 yen (( per extra 30 minutes. 


2-3 persons (the lesson fee is the same for 2 and 3 persons) 

30 minutes 6,600 yen ( 

60 minutes 11,000 yen ( 

Thereafter 5,500 yen (( per extra 30 minutes.
Please consult the Gym for private lessons for groups of 4 or more persons 


🟧Option Subscription

Supayable at the Gym



Please be sure to contact us at least one day in advance.
We reserve the right to refuse training participation on short notice.

You can participate in classes and sparing at the Gym for 2,200 yen ( per day. 

We welcome the participation of students from jiujitsu academies elsewhere in Japan and overseas.

◼️Jiujitsu Gi and Belt Rental  

Per diem 1,100 yen ( 


🟧Sports Safety Insurance  


We ask all members to take out sports insurance for cover in the event of injury. (Optonal.) 


🟧Please apply for membership at the Gym. 


Before applying, you are required to read the Gym Regulations, which can be assessed via the link. 
The Gym accepts applications only from those who agree to abide by the Regulations.


Contact Us



2F Hyakumanben Building, 73 Tanakamonzen-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto,Japan

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

10:00 am – 10:00 pm


10:00 am – 6:00 pm


10:00 am – 2:00 pm


  • Line
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Regular closing day

Every month on the day that begins with "6" (6th, 16th, 26th)



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